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ENG & Single Camera

In conjunction with Telefilm of Los Angeles, Conover Production Services provides crews and equipment for the Press Junkets and Premiere events for new film releases.  Among the larger New York events were the Premiere of Pocohantas on the Great Lawn at Central Park.

Pictured Randy Rodgers and Mitch Taubin owners of Telefilm. The park had 4 large screens 80 feet high by 120 feet wide that were built using cargo containers like Lego's stacked on top of each other.  Each screen surface utilized over 40 containers!  The 4 screens were projected in 70MM with all of the projectors sync locked.

During the days before the Premiere, we did all of the press interviews with the film's principals and producers under canopies that used the construction process as the background.  We had 5 interview set-ups each with two cameras.


Conover Production Services
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