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Columbus, Ohio 43212

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Mobile Production Unit #1
Mobile Production Unit is 40’ long; Production Space is 32’ x 8 1/2’


Cameras & Lenses Video Tape

3 Ikegami HK-366BT Hard
    1 70X w/2X 1-semi-servo
    2 45X w/2X Manual

3 Ikegami HK-366PBT Handheld
    3 18X w/2X
    2 w/Studio Configuration
    1 44X w2X Build-Up

2 LPS Cameras


                               Video Tape

4 Sony BVW-75 BetaSP
4 Slo-Mo Controllers
1 Sony BVH 2000 1"
1 Sony 3/4"
(Pre-Wired For Additional Tape/Split)


Chyron Infinit!, NBA Standard

Abekas A42 Still Store
    w/streamer and expansion


Yamaha PM3500 40 Input Mixer
    w/4 Stereo Inputs

2 DBX 166A Limiters
2 Denon CD Players
1 Digicart
1 Sony DAT
4 DBX 160A Limiters
1 Cart Recorder/Player
3 Big Ear Parabs
3 QSC MX700 Amps




9 Channel RTS 802 Intercom
Talent Talkback & Producer Hot-Mic
Telos, Telos LInk
Gentner Phone JCoupler/QKT Phones
8 Channel RTS IFB System
On-Board 6 Line telco system
2-Way Radios (Base, 6 portables)
RF Mics/IFB upon request



GVG 300-3A 24 Input Switcher w/3ME/E-MEM
Omni-Key/Clean Feed
Abekas A53D-2ch Warp/Key Channel/Combiner
Monitor Wall (Tallied & Patchable)
    (3) 19" color, (8) 9" color
    (36) 9" B/W (2) 5" triple B/W
Panasonic Quad Split

Support Equipment

6 DPS Frame Syncs, Vinten Camera Support
12,000+ Feet Triax,


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